Saturday, October 07, 2006

Pocket Machines

If you find you are always on the move and never getting what you need to get done at the office then a PDA is what you need. PDA or Personal Digital Assistant is a new generation of pocket computers with ever more power and storage space. Until recently the techonology was never fully developed in this sector but now with microsoft's Windows Mobile 5.0 installed on most the ability and functionality is ever growing. You can edit almost all office documents, pick wireless networks and surf the web among many other functionalities. Also, there is a growing market of mobile products that interact with your office database and computer system including Sage's new Mobile CRM division allowing you to know everything about your clients wherever you are, ensuring you don't ever loose a sale. So, if you haven't got yourself a PDA then now is the time.

If you buisness is growing and needs a full business computer system, Unisoft - Accpac Support is a business systems provider.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Sage CRM is going Mobile

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software has over the last few years has experienced growth unmatched by any other software sector. It has allowed companies to improve there customer relations to a new level and increase converting leads to sales. Although this is extremely important to a business, most CRM systems only offer these services in the office. The need to take this system with you, wherever you business goes gave rise to mobile CRM.

Just recently, Sage Software acquired Corum, a developer of mobile CRM technologies. “The Corum acquisition strengthens our CRM strategy because it allows Sage to broaden its CRM mobility solutions with a unified technology,” said Dave Batt, senior vice president and general manager of Global CRM for the Sage Group plc. Adding Mobile Technology to the already powerful Sage CRM, Sage CRM SalesLogix and will add a new level of competition in the already extremely competitive market of CRM solutions.

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The Sage Software Press Release: Sage Software Expands Its Mobile CRM Strategy With Acquisition Of Corum Corporation’s Corum Mobile Division

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Sage Accpac Classifieds and Directory

It is always good to get your business out there so here is another accpac directory and classifieds. I like it cause it's free. There's no exchange necessary, just post your business to the directory and off you go. If you provide any services and products related to Sage Accpac why advertise them for free. Also, maybe you will find something you weren't aware of.

Unisoft - Accpac Support - provides multiple business related services for Sage Accpac.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Installing PHP 5 on IIS 6

An article on "Installing PHP 5 on IIS 6".

Excellent article, deosn't expect you to be a IIS 6 expert yet it deos not get side track with details. You end up with a very secure installation of PHP on IIS. The site offers a number of other IIS resources.

Unisoft - Acppac and Technical Support - is a vancouver based company providing internet resources for ERP and CRM users.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Is VoIP right for your business?

VoIP, standing for Voice over IP (Internet Protocol) is a method for making phone calls over the internet in contrast to the classical Public Switched Telephone Network. The original advantage of having VoIP for your business was the almost neglible long distance rates but now the market has develop and competitors are arising many new features are available that traditional phone lines can't offer. For example, VoIP uses digital conversations allowing you to integrate and make email your voicemail and voicemail your email. You can also have remote access to the office lines through PDAs, laptops or just a VoIP phone at home. Further, you can have almost unlimited extensions and route extensions to your cell phone so that it you can transfer calls coming to the office to a cell. THe big benefit for your clients if you are multi-site business having an offices in, for example, Seattle and SSan Diego you can have local lines numbers route to both offices, this means a client can call your office San Diego as if it were in Seattle aand vice-versa. The one downside to VoIP is the bandwidth issue, you hhave to pay for the bandwidth used if exceed the amount given with your ISP contract. With this in mind it almost always reduces your phone costs and you get all the extra benefits of integration.

"Currently, about 1.5 million U.S. businesses use VoIP, and Forrester Research recently estimated that about 5 million will use such systems within the next year, with up to 40 percent adoption by 2008."

Unisoft - Accpac Support is a certified VoIP specialist providng multiple business end to end solutions in improve your companies efficiency. Unisoft provides Sage Accpac Support and Training in addition to VoIP services.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Unispace - Managed Services

Unispace Solutions is a new and interesting business. They are offering managed services, that means that you let them handle all your server needs, if you have accpac you can have it hosted with them and access it through a web browser. The same goes for Sage CRM. I like the model as many business spend many dollars every year maintaining there servers and only use the servers for small business applications. It is a good way to start with Accpac or any accounting system but te unfortunate part is a your businesss grows you will need to handle your servers in house. With this in mind Unispace does offer an upgrade plan to move your hosted and manage servers to on site. They provide a number of other services including Accpac support, online backup and e-commerce solutions.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Sage Accpac in Vancouver

As most who know about the accounting software market, Sage Accpac is one of the leading software systems in Canada. So I thought if anyone uses Accpac in Vancouver then there you should be aware of the plethora of resellers, consultants and Sage business partners. There are only a few that can really provide what you need, the best from my experience is Unisoft.